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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 55, Issue 1

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A School That Teaches Humane Methods of Euthanasia
( 1993) Guarneri, Merill ; Smith, Tim ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Since 1985, Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine has offered a unique school to animal shelter personnel, animal health technicians, administrators, police officers, veterinarians, and veterinary students. This unique school is a course in... euthanasia. ISU has become the leader in euthanasia instruction for animal shelters. In fact, Iowa State is one of only a few veterinary schools to offer this much needed program.

No, We Have No Rhinoceroses
( 1993) Smith, Tim ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

I sat stiffly, my back aching from sitting on the wooden chair in the hot, stuffy lecture hall of the old Veterinary Quadrangle. I was surrounded by more than three hundred other potential veterinary students tightly packed into the narrow seats. At precisely two-o'clock, the low hum of constant chatter stopped, as a portly, white haired professor walked purpose- 'fully into the room. The clicking noise made from his black, wing tipped shoes as he walked across the wooden floor, was the only sound made; in the once noisy classroom. He was smartly dressed in a freshly pressed white lab coat along with a contrasting black bow tie. As he reached the podium, he put on a set of reading glasses and began to peer out at us, over the top of his glasses. He did not allow his eyes to meet those of any student, and his face had distant look similar to the ones in the dozen or so portraits that hung in the nearby hallway. He spoke methodically, enunciating every syllable crisply, pausing at the end of each sentence to take a deep breath for added emphasis.

Alumni News
( 1993) Iowa State University Digital Repository

This article contains news pertaining to the alumni of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Inappropriate Feline Elimination Behavior
( 1993) Jones, R. ; Baldwin, C. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Clinical animal behavior is a 'field rapidly growing in interest to the veterinary practitioner. As the popularity of cats increases and the human population becomes more urbanized, companion animal veterinarians must familiarize themselves with feline behavioral problems. The most common behavioral problem reported by cat owners is elimination outside the Iitterbox. Any cat, regardless of age, sex, breed or neuter status may develop a problem with inappropriate elimination at some time in its life. The local veterinarian is often the first person the public consults for advice on behavioral problems. Clients expect their veterinarian to provide accurate information both on prevention and treatment of behavioral problems. The local practioner is in the ideal position to determine whether a problem has a primarily behavioral or medical basis. Behavioral cases require the same level of care and treatment as any medical or surgical case. Whether or not the practitioner personally treats the animal or refers it to an appropriate referral practice, he or she should be prepared to make the initial differential diagnosis. This presentation will explore the types of inappropriate feline elimination, some of the inciting motivational factors involved and provide an organized approach to treatment.

Glaucoma: Past and Present Management Techniques
( 1993) Tinsley, David ; Betts, Daniel ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This article reviews the clinical signs and diagnostic modalities appropriate for glaucoma. Classification of this disease and currently recommended treatment options are discussed.