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Sketch: Volume 19, Issue 1

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The Tree
( 1952) Stevens, Martha ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Rosie threw the dishwater out the back door and watched it trickle over the rutted ground, which was covered with a gray frothy crust from the washwater and the dishwasher that had been thrown there for years...

I Am the People
( 1952) Fargo, Julie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

I. I ride the street cars, The dirty, sweat-smelling street cars everyday...

Anna Mae
( 1952) Coon, Robin ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Anna Mae scooped the chicken mash out of the blue printed sack into the feed bucket...

( 1952) Krause, Ervin ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

I pause and watch the mallards spear The air in long, ragged V-lines, Ragged like the stalk-littered fields And the dead yellow stubble...

from Dr. Pearl Hogrefe
( 1952) Hogrefe, Dr. Pearl ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Eighteen years ago, Sketch was born on the Iowa State College campus. Such a magazine had been under discussion for several years; but remembering our quick decision to act and the occasional anxiety of our untried staff, I wonder whether it was born, or came into the world by a Caesarian operation...