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Farm poultry houses Bulletin: Volume 11, Issue 132

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Farm poultry houses
( 2017-08-08) Davidson, J. ; Lippincott, Wm. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Good growth of poultry and heavy egg production depend to a large extent upon the proper housing of the stock. This bulletin sets forth the essentials of a good house for Iowa in brief form and then offers working plans of three houses that embody these essentials.

The first consideration in building a poultry house is its location. It is of greatest importance to select a site having well-drained soil as will be explained later. It is next important to have a convenient location. The poultry house may be nearer the residence than the live stock barns and as women have a large share in the management of the flock on the average farm, it should be so located. It is undesirable to build the poultry house near granaries, cribs, or barns which may furnish a harbor for rats and other vermin which prey on poultry. A sunny location well sheltered from the north winds is highly desirable whenever it is possible to obtain it without sacrificing good ground drainage.