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The Iowa Homemaker vol.9, no.2 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 9, Issue 2

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Art in Flower Arrangements
( 2017-05-08) Dean, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Most all of us are fond of flowers and like to have them in our homes and gardens. We are all interested in perusing the seedmens' catalogues and selecting the flowers we like best. Flowers when carefully selected, arranged and placed add a distinct charm to every occasion.

Here Comes the Bride
( 2017-05-08) Anderson, Dorothy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Here comes the bride

All dressed in white,"

plays the orchestra from a sheltered corner of the palatial garden, while June's bride, blushing and sweet as a June rose itself, slowly advances along the rose-strewn path. The bridesmaids, garbed in filmy, pastel creations precede her to the arbor of nature's design.

New Ideas
( 2017-05-08) Marnette, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Did you know that the biggest berries are not always the best~ That is why we should not overlook the strawberries which are medium or even small size. A small berry will be sweeter and is often better suited for our purpose than the large, flavorless berry. Did you ever try smelling berries when purchasing them? A fresh berry will smell of dew on it. The two or three-day old berry will smell over-ripe and taste more tart.

What the Graduate May Do
( 2017-05-08) Sather, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

When our mothers were young practically the only position open to college trained women was teaching. That profession is still a popular field but due to the rapid development of home economics training it is only one of many.

Girls' 4-H Club
( 2017-05-08) Barker, Edith ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Plans are under way to make the second state wide 4-H Girls' Orchestra even finer than the first one which appeared just a year ago during the first State Convention. Music has been selected, enrollments m·e coming in from all over the state and best of all, Mr. 0. H. Hawley of the Music Department has consented to conduct the orchestra again t his year. In fact, Mr. Hawley is enthusiastic about doing this for the 4-H girls of the state,· because the girIs in the orchestra last year showed their appreciation by giving him their best attention and efforts.