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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 13, Issue 8

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Synthetic Soil Conditioners in Iowa
( 1959-02-01) Nielsen, D. ; Kirkham, Don ; Phillips, R. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

"New miracle soil conditioner keeps soil conditioned indefinitely!" New conditioner breaks up hard, crusted soil into the equivalent of light, loose, moisture-retaining loam. It improves water capavity and aeration!" "It stabilizes aggregates, prevents slaking and crusting and will result in a sturdy stand of turf and flourishing plant life all season long."

Good Seed Costs You Less
( 1959-02-01) Everson, L. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

It's the field performance of the seed you plant that counts, and the field performance of high-quality seed is definitely superior to that of low-quality seed. This article shows why "good seed costs you less."

For Your Interest
( 1959-02-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

This monthly feature presents brief reports on the progress, results and applications of farm and home research currently being conducted by your agricultural and home economics experiment station at Iowa State College.

Iowa Farm Values Spiral Upward in 1958
( 1959-02-01) Gadsby, Dwight ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Iowa farm land values surged up an average of 8 percent during 1958. On Nov. 1, 1958, the state average was $244 per acre- up $18 from a year earlier. And land values were up in all areas of the state, with the greatest percentage increases appearing for low-quality land.

Farm Outlook
( 1959-02-01) Kutish, Francis ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

If the nation's farmers follow through on their Dec. 1 plans, farmers will market about 15 percent more hogs in 1959 than they did 1958.