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The Iowa Homemaker vol.11, no.6 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 11, Issue 6

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Merry Christmas in Old Russia...
( 2017-05-09) Richie, Vivian ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The jingle of bells; the muffled thud or horses' hoofs in the soft snow, merry cries and laughter of he sleigh loads of happy, fur-clad children as they ride through the streets of any little snow-shrouded Russian village, leaving cheer and presents in their wake, will no doubt be lacking in the coming holiday season. With the radical changes in the activities of country, it is not surprising that the holiday customs should also change or even go - through not be "forgotten" by the older members of that country, at least.

Cheese Is a Change...
( 2017-05-09) Carlson, Thelma ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Some of us count the calories, some of us watch the vitamins, some of us estimate the minerals, but all of us are conscious of the variety in our menus. The juicy steak which we expected to be greeted with the glad exclamation of "Ah!" turns out to be only, "Ah - beefsteak again! I'm so tired of that." It's just a ease of where the customer can't be fooled.

Iowa State Is Hostess
( 2017-05-09) Hensel, Carmen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Home Economics Club convention for affiliated high school and college clubs was held at Iowa State, October 31. There were 115 people registered at the convention, with about 30 of this number for Iowa State College Club. Radcliffe High School Club had the largest visiting delegation at the convention and also the best club exhibit.

New England Bears a Leader...
( 2017-05-09) Guthrie, Jean ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

New England,80 years ago, was a country where Puritan farmers fought to scrape a living from hard, rocky soil; where women, bound by the conventions of centuries, were little more than chattels of men; where higher education for women was unheard of, and where pitifully little was known of disease and its causes and practically nothing of the food needs of the body.

It's the Business of Play...
( 2017-05-09) Burnett, Dorothy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Within comparatively recent years parents have come to look upon the child's play and his toys with the respect to which they, as stimulators of healthy mental and physical growth, are entitled. Heretofore, children had toys, it is true, but they evolved from necessity, not wisdom. The child had to do something, said the parent, so he was given a rattle, a ball, a doll and a wagon, without much thought as to their respective uses.