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The Iowa Homemaker vol.12, no.4 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 12, Issue 4

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Now You Mind the Baby...
( 2017-05-10) Acheson, Melba ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

You may lose weight and be ready to drop in your tracks, but you'll come out a better prospective wife and mother.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.12, no.4
( 2017-05-10) Acheson, Melba ; Larkin, Thelma ; the Style Scout, Sally ; Kildee, Regina ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Now You Mind the Baby… By Melba Acheson

For Tough Meat Try a Marinade… By Thelma Larkin

Impressions of the Fashions… By Sally the Style Scout

May I Present… By Regina Kildee

May I Present...
( 2017-05-10) Kildee, Regina ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In almost every group there is one person who is called upon to make most of the necessary introductions. are you, like Helen, one of those fortunate persons who can start two of your friends on an easy and enjoyable conversation by your introduction? Or do you shiver inwardly when it becomes necessary to present one acquaintance to another, knowing that you will hem and haw and murmur the names so that neither person knows nor cares to whom he is being introduced? We all really want the people we know and like to know and like each other, so introductions should be pleasant tasks.

Betty Gets Advised
( 2017-05-10) Hendriks, Gertrude ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Betty Peters was lying face down upon the bed as I entered the room we shared at State College. I was astonished to distinguish muffled sobs. Betty was crying.

Don't Dress Your Child in Blue...
( 2017-05-10) Brandt, Lulu ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The present tendency toward comparatively small families eliminates to a great extent the possibility of passing clothes on from one member of the family to another. Even in a large family it is not always a desirable thing to do, since a garment selected for one child is not necessarily becoming to another. Far better, then, to plan for each child to wear out his own clothes in so far as possible.