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Student and Staff News
( 1940) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Cystic Calculus in a Bitch
( 1940) Eder, Paul ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On Aug. 31, 1940, a three year old Pekingese bitch was presented for a pedicure. While clipping the nails it was noticed that the bitch was dribbling urine. The owner stated that this had been going on for about a month. The abdomen was palpated and a large object felt in the posterior abdominal region. A diagnosis of cystic calculus was made.

New Book
( 1940) Packer, R. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Veterinary Bacteriology, I. A. Merchant, D.V.M., Ph.D., C.P.H., Associate Professor of Veterinary Bacteriology and Hygiene, Iowa State College. 1st edition. Cloth bound, 636 pages, 135 illustrations. Collegiate Press, Inc., Ames, Iowa. 1940. Price $7.00.

Keloid Formation A Horse
( 1940) Cornwell, G. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In equines the formation of exuberant granulation tissue is of common occurrence in wounds which are attended by considerable irritation. However, certain individuals have what is known as "blastoma constitution", which is a tendency to produce enormous amounts of connective tissue from comparatively slight irritation. Frequent sequelae of these exuberations are keloids, which are not true tumors but excessive formations of scar tissue.

Alumni News
( 1940) Iowa State University Digital Repository