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The Evolution of Home Economics at Iowa State VI. Disconnected Ramblings
( 2017-03-31) Wilson, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Does anyone object to ramblin~, mentally I mean? I do hope none of you do as I feel a premonition beyond a doubt that this is one of my rambling afternoons. And, after all, it is quite refreshing and so restful not to think connectedly for once. And it is no evidence of poor mentality, believe me. Now there was Omar Khayyam-you -aren't interested in Omar? Well then, there was the Old Main Air Line. Surely you don't mean to say you've never heard of the Air Line!' Well, well, and it such an institution too!

Homemaker as Citizen
( 2017-03-31) Iowa State University Digital Repository

In introducing to the readers of the Iowa Homemaker this new page on "Homemaker as Citizen" we are going to endeavor to put before you the present day problems which are most concerning women. It seems fitting that in a magazine which is chiefly concerning women there should be some space devoted to the problems and politics in which women have a prime interest.

( 2017-03-31) Wilson, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Beauty? Have you seen her rise

In amber colored robes from eastern hill-sides

On a summer's morn,

With night's soft twilight

Still upon her eyes and cool night dew

Yet heavy on her hair?

And have you stood then, filled· with nameless joy,

Such joy that beggared all account

And made of speech a sacrilege;

And have you watched her waken

Till your heart was raised and swelled

With ecstasy unknown before and close akin to pain?

Ah, have you too stood thus

And did you know that there was Beauty?

Hearth and Home
( 2017-03-31) Jacobsen, Amanda ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

February is the month that brings with it dreams of "Hearth and Home." The home may be a shack on a North Dakota homestead, a large house on an Iowa farm, or the city mansion of the multi-millionaire. The fireside may be the traditional homestead laundry stove, a hard coal heater, or the most elaborate marble or carved wood fireplace and mantle. In each home we find the same love, the same dreams, and the same hopes.

A Parent "That Needeth Not to be Ashamed"
( 2017-03-31) Vance, Thomas ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

If I should be permitted to evaluate, in a word, the answers which have been given in these pages to the question: "Who is responsible for the child?" I should say that all of the contributors have been correct. Everyone who has reached the age of discretion and judgment is responsible for the child. No one can escape the responsibility which all the powers that be-biology, civilization, God- have placed upon him.