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Sketch: Volume 39, Issue 2

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( 1974) Herrick, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository
Poem In Which The Corporate Power of the A. C. Nielsen Company is Defined, Defied, and Denied
( 1974) Lindquist, Sara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

a.c. nielsen company you are trying to trap me in a web of wire looped coast to coast, to beat me down with a mass of decimals and digits and smother me beneath an eternal pile of pink blue green yellow and salmon colored pages on inconsequenciality...

The Fall
( 1974) Johnson, Cynthia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Silence You mock Me, the chattering creature, One such as gods fill gardens with for company in omniscience...

The Rise and Fall of Mellow Moonbeam
( 1974) Drake, Rod ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

And so it came to pass that all was in the past and young Uhric Zetel experienced a profound, prophetic urge to leave his father's trade the Triple X Flesh Emporium and cleanse himself of the dregs of earthly sin and vice to search for a humble way to serve mankind and reveal the cosmic secrets of the mysterious Etc. which he had mystically discovered to eager seekers everywhere...

Impressions of John
( 1974) Carley, Larry ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Black letters stamped on the door read "MEN. " As I enter the place, the bare porcelain fixtures stare at me blank and expressionless, sweating with tiny droplets of moisture. The place is cold and stagnant, like something out of the last century...