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The Iowa Homemaker vol.18, no.2 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 18, Issue 2

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"You Can't Print That!"
( 2017-05-22) Johnson, Beth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The gentleman soldier across the table from me pounded the table for emphasis. He had just delivered a definite opinion on the R. O. T. C.

( 2017-05-22) Greene, Helen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Interesting letters aren't written by people who start out with the "I'd rather be shot than write a letter" attitude. There are so many opportunities and possibilities in letterwriting. You can write a "line," carry on a conversation, go in for chummy messages, or tell a corking good story. Rules, though, come in handy, for you can't always tell how the story's going, and a few do's and dont's should help you come out on top in writing letters.

Browned With Precision
( 2017-05-22) Jensen, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

May flowers and warm weather ahead bring beauty problems as acute as those we have been contending with all winter. If, by choice or skin temperament, you fall into the lily-white maiden group, you will find broad-rimmed hats, dark glasses, rich nourishing creams, bleaching and freckle creams, and a liquid powder your right hand beauty aids.

Soon You Will Be "Veishea-timing"
( 2017-05-22) Cummings, Beth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

For 17 years Iowa State has held a three-day open house for friends, sweethearts, relatives and parents to come see "Iowa State at work and play." Involving the aid and cooperation of almost every student and faculty member, Veishea attracts thousands of visitors from the four comers of the state to see Iowa State College. Since 1922 Veishea has been growing until it has emerged from a small scale carnival with six or seven major events into a huge celebration.

Homemaking in the Hills
( 2017-05-22) Roller, Carolyn ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"It's strenuous work and takes everything you've got, but somehow you can always go on," said Esther Brucklacher, H. Ec. Sr., as she told of her work for one year as Home Demonstration Agent in the southern highlands.