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Fish for Spring Time Dinners
( 2017-03-31) Goeppinger, Katherine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

We, of the inland country, know little of the savor of fresh fish. However, frozen fishery products may be prepared in so many appetizing forms that what we miss in freshness may be compensated for in palatable preparation.

What Will Differentiate This Spring From Last
( 2017-03-31) Milligan, Opal ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Again Dame Fashion steps from behind her silken curtain, and dictates the styles for the coming Easter season. What shall it be? What will be the mode that will differentiate this spring from last? And again we have to answer truthfully, there is nothing new, just old things re-done in a different way. so, as I reviewed the shop windows I found the old redressed in a charming manner; simplicity seemed to be the key note o! the spring fashions.

A House to Please the Birds
( 2017-03-31) Rayburn, Esther ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

If you would build a castle in the air, build a bird house. Birds are airy creatures so they must have their houses In the air. Whether it is a small log cabin among the vines on the back porch, a half cocoanut shell near the eaves outside the bedroom window, a many porched and windowed affair perched on top of a pole in the garden, or a swinging twig house hanging from a tree, it should be made attractive to both the bird dwellers and the good people who put it there.

Use Determines the Kind of Floors You Should Have
( 2017-03-31) Simons, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Our grandmothers never had to worry about the kind of wood used to floor their homes as the floor was always entirely covered by an Ingrain, Brussels or Velvet Carpet, and never seen except at house-cleaning time when the carpet was taken up to be dusted. Now, during this reign of polished floors and removable rugs, the floor problem is very vital.

Let There Be Light
( 2017-03-31) Boyt, Mildred ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

People are coming more and more to realize the value of light in the home. In the past we were too prone to consider light a rather necessary evil that must be supplied unless one wished to go to bed with the chickens. Since the general use of electricity, however, we have not only been putting more value on better light, but also on using this light and light fixtures as a decoration to our homes. The bright glare of an electric bulb screamed for a shade, so our designers began experimenting and their results show on every hand.