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The Iowa Homemaker vol.28, no.7 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 28, Issue 7

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Better Listening On WOI-FM
( 2017-07-26) Miller, Walt ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This summer you will be able to hear night events over WOI-FM. WOI-FM is really a new radio station which will be on the air from 4:30 to 10 o'clock. You will be able to hear recorded music, sports and news with no duplication of the programs on WOI.

Summer Jobs
( 2017-07-26) Chase, Elinor ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Summer seems a long way off but chances are you're already making plans for next summer. Or at least you ought to be. It's not too early to begin looking for something exciting to do next summer. Do you want to revive a dwindling bank account, preview a career, or just have fun?

Third Finger, Left Hand
( 2017-07-26) Breckenridge, Jo ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

There was a time when a woman wore a diamond on her first finger if not engaged; on her second if engaged; on her third if married; and on her fourth if she intended to die an old maid. But that is ancient lore. Today's woman has dreamed of diamonds and star dust and romance since she was in pigtails ... and in all the dreams the ring is on her third finger, left hand.

Basketball From the Bleachers
( 2017-07-26) Gerard, Jules ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Women are pests at a basketball game, say the men. They bother us with questions at the most crucial point of the game.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.28, no.7
( 2017-07-26) Breckenridge, Jo ; Miller, Walt ; Halverson, Mary ; Krenek, Peggy ; Gerard, Jules ; Sutherland, Janet ; Chase, Elinor ; West, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

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