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Chemical Changes in the Serum Associated With Equine Encephalomyelitis and Moldy Corn Poisoning of Horses
( 1938) Millen, T. ; Eveleth, D. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Specific infectious equine encephalomyelitis and moldy corn poisoning in horses are becoming more prevalent in Iowa yearly. Encephalomyelitis has been described, the etiology determined, the mode of transmission established and the typical clinical and pathological findings resolved.

( 1938) Murray, Chas. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository
Fundamentals of X-Ray
( 1938) Pinney, L. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

X-rays were first detected in the year of 1895 by the German physicist, William Conrad Roentgen. The discovery occurred during a systematic search for radiation capable of penetrating materials opaque to ordinary light.

Neutropic Infections With Special Reference to Equine Encephalomyelitis
( 1938) Biester, H. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In many instances a given infectious disease common to one species has its counterpart in other host species. Some infections are host specific while others are not. In Table I it will be noted that human Pasteurellosis is the type representative of a number of similar infections in other species. In the case of Brucellosis, the three main types of Brucella organisms are capable of infecting at least five species of hosts.

Veterinary Division News
( 1938) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Faculty and student news from the Veterinary Division of Iowa State College.