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The Iowa Homemaker vol.8, no.4 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 8, Issue 4

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Girls' 4-H Club
( 2017-04-21) Barker, Edith ; Gilbreth, Lillian ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A. new level has been set for 4-H club work this year as the 1928 officers soared to the heights never before reached by them. The thrill of thrills-a real air cruise over the State Fair grounds in the good ship, "Yellow Cab Airway," was made possible through the courtesy of the Meredith Publishing Company.

Home Economics Research
( 2017-04-21) Deischer, Mildred ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A very interesting comparison of possible types of refrigeration for the Iowa farm home has been made by Miss Grace Pennock, a graduate student in the Household Equipment Department, in her thesis, "Refrigeration for the Iowa Farm Home."

Personality in a "Dorm" Room
( 2017-04-21) Davidson, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"I've had the best time fixing up my 'dorm' room this fall," said the girl with the smart red hat pulled low over her eyes. "I hope I can get a few things to finish it up in the city."

The Iowa Homemaker vol.8, no.4
( 2017-04-21) Thomas, Frances ; Davidson, Margaret ; Marnette, Margaret ; Barker, Edith ; Turner, Marcia ; Deischer, Mildred ; Caulum, Vera ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Turkish College Girls by Frances Thomas, page 1

Personality in a “Dorm” Room by Margaret E. Davidson, page 2

“A Cup of Tay at Five O’clock” by Margaret L. Marnette, page 3

The Girls’ 4-H Clubs by Mrs. Edith Barker, page 4

State Association Page by Marcia E. Turner, page 8

Home Economics Research at Iowa State by Mildred Deischer, page 10

Editorial, page 11

Who’s There and Where by Vera Caulum, page 12

Turkish College Girls
( 2017-04-21) Thomas, Frances ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Four years of college life without one date is amazing to an American college girl because the social life is an important part of our educational system. In far away Turkey's College for Women, this situation exists. The college girls attend school until graduation without any social contact with men.