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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 51, Issue 2

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Index to Volume 51
( 1989) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Indices of volume 51 of the College of Veterinary Medicine, as arranged by author and subject.

Books: Bovine Radiology
( 1989) Riedesel, E. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Uri Bargai; John W. Pharr and Joe P. Morgan $34.95 Iowa State University Press, Ames, 1989 198 pages, illustrated

Bovine Radiology is a concise publication of both technical and interpretive aspects of bovine radiology. The first three chapters are devoted to technical consideration. The remaining chapters present a wide variety of bovine skeletal, soft tissue, and thoracic abnormalities that can be evaluated radiographically. These range from very common lesions to diseases that are of rare occurrence.

Scholarships and Awards - Spring 1989
( 1989) Iowa State University Digital Repository

College of Veterinary Medicine scholarships awarded in the Spring semester of 1989.

Methods of Shortening the Anestrous Period in Mares
( 1989) Smith, J. ; Redding, W. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The fact that the horse is seasonally polyestrous makes this species a reproductive challenge for horsemen and equine practitioners. Mares will show several estrous cycles during the breeding season assuming pregnancy does not terminate estrus. The receptive season is limited to such a length oftime that parturition occurs in the spring ofthe year. The challenge arises when trying to devise methodsthat would allovl parturition to take place earlier in the year. This is desirable only because most breed registries have imposed an arbitrary birthdate ofJanuary 1st to all foals born in a single year. Each yearling is considered one year of age on January 1 of each year regardless of their actual age. Concern among horseowners regarding this stipulation lies in the eligibility oftheir horses for age limited races, shows, or events. In order to be competitive, actual birthdates as close to January 1 are desired.

Charles Henry Stange: A Biographic Sketch
( 1989) Daly, Russ ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Dr. Charles H. Stange's influence on veterinary education and the profession as a whole reached far beyond the effects he had on the Division of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State College while serving as its dean for 27 years. At the time of his death, it was remarked that "Perhaps it would be no exaggeration to say that Dean Stange had a greater influence on veterinary education in this country during the past two decades than did any other member of the veterinary profession."