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A Housewife's Pride-Her Linen
( 2017-05-09) Penrose, Helen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Where is the housewife who is not proud of her linen supply, be it large or small, old or new? It is hard to draw up a complete list of linen for the well-fun home since the size of the family, its scale of living, the amount of entertaining done, laundry conveniences and personal preference influence set rules too much. It is important, then, to place the emphasis upon the choosing of our linen that we may have well equipped and charmingly appointed tables with the least trouble and the least expense no matter what the size of our linen closet be.

On a Church Wall in Milan...
( 2017-05-09) Rhoades, Edna ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

At Easter time, when our thoughts are occupied with sacred matters, we become more interested than ever §n the beautiful pictures of the early masters which deal with the life of Christ. One of the most famous of these is Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper." Miss Rhoads has made a comprehensive study of the picture and interprets it for us in the following article. - The Editor.

If Today Is Wash Day...
( 2017-05-09) Carlson, Thelma ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Keeping up with tho Jonses," was as necessary in primitive times as it is today, but it was even better in those day to keep a little ahead, especially on Monday morning, when everybody rushed down to the river to get the best place for her washing.

Make Ready to Enjoy Golden Summer Hours...
( 2017-05-09) Martin, Betty ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Writing spring poems, house-cleaning, spading up the garden, going a-courting, buying a new necktie or hat - they're all manifestations of the same basic urge to start something fresh at this time of year.

Dame Fashion to the Front...
( 2017-05-09) Penrose, Helen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The lure of spring is in the air. A young man's fancy may turn to love, but a woman's turns to - clothes.