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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 23, Issue 3

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The Past and the Future of Veterinary Education, Part Two: A Look to the Future
( 1961) Davison, Fred ; Tyler, David ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

That we live in an age of fantastic change is a fact which no one will dispute. Equally prominent is the fact that we must change many of our time tested programs and policies in order to survive in our constantly changing scientific environment. This advance makes different demands of different disciplines. It is our purpose to view those that it has and will place on veterinary education and to explore possible solutions that can bring us into our "golden era." This age of opportunity is no longer on the horizon - it is here with us waiting and challenging us for acceptance.

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( 1961) Iowa State University Digital Repository
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( 1961) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University, 1961
( 1961) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Serum Transaminase: An Aid to Diagnosis
( 1961) Crawley, Gerald ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The purpose of this report is to present a background to the understanding of transaminase reaction and its possible importance as a diagnostic aid in certain pathological conditions to the student of veterinary medicine. In a short treatise of this type, it is not possible to go into the complex mechanisms of the reaction, but it is intended to outline a few of the general principles with which the veterinarian should be familiar. For the most part contact with this subject has been limited to a very brief explanation in biochemistry and physiology, plus information which can be gained from the hospital clinicians during clinic hours.