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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 2, Issue 1

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Iowa State College Journal of Science 2.2
( 1928) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Mathematical Logic. J.S. Turner pages 69-114

A New Species of Hygrophorus. L.H. Pammel pages 115-116

A List of Fleshy Fungi from Webster County, Iowa. F.W. Paige pages 117-136

The Relation of Oxygen to the Germination of the Chlamdospores of Ustilago Zeae (Beck.) Unger. G.A. Platz pages 137-144

Acceleration of Lipase Activity by Substances Containing Vitamin A. Birger L. Johnson pages 145-154

Iowa State College Journal of Science 2.3
( 1928-04-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Note on the Distribution of Thermophilic Spoilage Bacteria. Lawrence H. James pages 155-158

The Free Energy Decrease of Alcoholic Fermentation. Ellis I. Fulmer and Einar Leifson pages 159-178

The Inheritance of Resistance to Fowl Typhoid in Chickens. W.V.Lambert and C.W. Knox pages 179-188

Studies in Home Canning. Gertrude Sunderlin with P.Mabel Nelson and Max Levine pages 189-212

The Inheritance of Resistance to the Danysz Bacillus in the Rat. M.R. Irwin pages 213-218

Species Crosses in the Genus Cucurbita. Edward F. Castetter pages 219-228

Arithmetical Changes in the Statistical Constants Due to Coding and Their Correlation. A.E. Brandt pages 229-234

Iowa State College Journal of Science 2.1
( 1927-10-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Gas in Evaporated Milk Due to Streptococcus. B.W Hammer pages 1-8

Inheritance of Chemical Characters in Maize. E.W. Lindstrom and Fisk Gerhardt pages 9-18

Influence of Sodium Chloride, Sodium Carbonate, and Tri-Sodium Phosphate on Germicidal Efficiency of Sodium Hydroxide. Max Levine, J.H. Buchanan, and J.H. Toulouse pages 19-30

A Study of he Preparation of Sirups. I. Relation of Temperature to Concentration of Sirup and Alkali on the Viability of Yeast Spores. E.E. Peterson with Max Levine and J.H. Buchanan pages 31-42 II. Hydrolysis of the Sucrose Sirups. E.E. Petersen with J.H. Buchanan and Max Levine pages 43-56

Studies in the Bacteriology of Sulphur Stinker Spoilage of Canned Sweet Corn. C.H. Werkman and Helen J. Weaver pages 57-58

Iowa State College Journal of Science 2.4
( 1928-07-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Calculation and Use of the Standard Deviation of Partial Regression Coefficient. A.E. Brandt. pages 235-242

Studies on the Toxicity of Hydrocyanic Acid. James B. Allison pages 243-252

On Certain Power Series With The Positive Coefficients. Edward S. Allen pages 253-262

The Forecasting of Economic Phenomena. John A. Hopkins, Jr. pages 263-288

Studies in Home Canning. II. Indices of Spoilage in Home Canned Foods. Gertrude Sunderlin with Max Levine and P. Mabel Nelson pages 289-312

Chemical Testing of Nicotine Dusts. W.R. Harlan and R.M. Hixon pages 313-316

The Preparation of Ethyl Furylacrylate from Furfural. Henry Gilman, R.E. Brown, and H.L. Jones pages 317-319