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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 36, Issue 14

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Journalism is for You
( 2017-08-14) Baur, Ann ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

If you once thought about majoring in journalism, then decided dashing around the country as a reporter was exciting and romantic, but not for you, read on.

Can Communism Possibly Out-Promise- Promise?
( 2017-08-14) Elder, Martha ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"What can Communism possibly offer if: (1) American agricultural technology is working to show people how to produce the food they need; (2) if teachers are on the job, working to foster education; (3) if ministers are preaching a faith in God and a gospel of hope and good will."

"Little World" of Spices
( 2017-08-14) McBride, Pat ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The exotic and romantic atmosphere of the spice trade is not as remote as camel caravans in history books or far-away Oriental lands. While visiting Tone Brothers Coffee and Spice Company in Des Moines, our institutional management class discovered a world of fragrant aromas, peeked into intriguing barrels and bags from around the world and heard a multitude of fascinating stories about the origin of spices and coffee.

Here's to Your Job!
( 2017-08-14) Wilsie, Marcia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Summer is a fleeting passage of time. Whether you crave the special atmosphere to be found only in a resort area where hundreds of college students work together as bellhops) waitresses or clerks- or whether you would like a peek into the world of business holding your first position in your chosen field) now's the time to get your summer job!

Choose Wisely, Cutlery
( 2017-08-14) Beem, Anne ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Cutting, paring, slicing, chopping. Most food preparation involves these essential procedures. With this in mind, let's take an imaginary shopping trip to buy those s peci ally designed pieces of cutlery needed in the kitchen.