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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 54, Issue 4

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Iowa State Journal of Research 54.4
( 1980-05-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Aspects in Shakespearean scholarship II papers presented at "Much Ado About Shakespeare" Symposium, 1979.

Galyon, L.R. Introduction. 419

Forker, C.R. All the world's a stage: Multiple perspectives in Arden. 421

Perret, M. Of sows' ears and silk purses: Transformation images in The taming of the Shrew. 431

Palmer, B.A. "The eagles are gone": Soliloquies in the tragi-comedies. 441

Partee, M.H. The function of Cordelia. 449

Tyson, E.S. Shakespeare's Macbeth and Dante's Inferno: A comparison of the images of hell, damnation, and corruption. 461

Stugrin, M. "But I must also feel it as a man": Pathos and knowledge in Shakespearean tragedy. 469

Ford, P.J. Bloody spectacle in Shakespeare's Roman plays" The politics and aesthetics of violence. 481

Candido, J. Katherine of Aragon and female greatness: Shakespeare's debt to dramatic tradition. 491