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The Iowa Homemaker vol.26, no.4 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 26, Issue 4

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A Cookbook You Can't Put Down
( 2017-07-24) Stettler, Charlene ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Visions of steaks sizzling on an outdoor grill, crisp salads and hot cheese-toasted rolls dash into the mind of the reader of Genevieve Callahan's "California Cookbook."

A Letter Home
( 2017-07-24) Iowa State University Digital Repository

It's Saturday afternoon letter-writing time again, so I'll dash off a few lines before I'm caught in the throes of another Iowa State week.

Vicky Introduces SWOC
( 2017-07-24) Saunders, Margery ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Vicky presents to her friends several of Iowa State's typical coeds. For Vicky herself has been introduced as the average woman student. Now she feels it is time to step into the background so she can uncover new talent and new personalities.

Mothers Operate Nursery School
( 2017-07-24) Brueck Best, Carol ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Carol Brueck Best, '37, describes the operation of a new cooperative nursery school.

Changing College to Five Years
( 2017-07-24) Nichols, Betsy ; Bunge, Jean ; Iowa State University Digital Repository


As graduates of home economics, we will be able to have a lovely home. The food we serve will be attractive and nutritious. But will our table conservation reach beyond the gluten content of the bread we serve and stimulate our families? If we are willing to devote 4 years to prepare for .a position, why not give 5 years to make a career of living?


Suppose that the subject in a technical school, studying a technical subject, feels that she is not getting enough of the cultural courses.