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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 27, Issue 4

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Iowa State College Journal of Science 27.4
( 1953-07-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Winter behavior of the ring-necked pheasant, Phasianus colchicus, as related to winter cover in Winnebago County, Iowa. Carroll R. Grondahl pages 447-466

Potentiometric iodine titration of branched starch fractions. Joseph F. Foster and Richard L. Smith pages 467-478

Methodology for isolating Salmonella from dried egg products. John C. Ayres pages 479-490

The oxidation of water by cerium (IV) perchlorate. Frederick R. Duke and John A. Anderegg pages 491-494

Dioryctria disclusa Heinrich, n. sp. (Phycitidae) and it parasites in Iowa. Maurice H. Farrier and Oscar E. Tauber pages 495-508

New species of Miridae from Missouri (Hemiptera) . Harry H. Knight pages 509-518

A preliminary study of the diseases of corn and some related hosts in Guatemala. Irving E. Melhus pages 519-536

Cytological and embryological basis for .sterility in autotetraploid sweetclover, Melilotus alba Desr. Bidhan Chandra Das pages 537-562

Developmental morphology of Lotus corniculatus L. Harold W. Hansen pages 563-600