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The Iowa Homemaker vol.11, no.4 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 11, Issue 4

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When Christmas Comes...
( 2017-05-09) Rock, Pearl ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Do you ever say to yourself, "What shall I give Mary for Christmas? I want something nice, yet it must be inexpensive." Some women who have had this problem have answered it with hand tooled leather articles. It sounds expensive, but it isn't, for they make the articles and do the tooling themselves.

His Majesty's Room...
( 2017-05-09) Stephenson, Anafred ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Two chubby arms reach up over a tousled head. Two sturdy legs stretch to the very limit of their length. Two roguish eyes open, close again for a moment, and then open wide. Bobby is awake, and ready for another eventful day. Bobby is three years old, and one of the greatest joys of his joyous existence is the interesting surroundings into which he awakens each day. How he loves that Shetland pony that first greets his vision when he awakens this morning. Of course, it's only a picture cut from a magazine and hung on the wall, but Bobby has taken many long rides in his baby fancy while waiting for the sandman to close his eyes.

A Shopping We Will Go...
( 2017-05-09) Jebson, Margetta ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

I looked at my slim purse and once again explored its depths hopefully. A nickel, two pennies, a dime and a fifty-cent piece rewarded my search. With bargains all over town it was really deploring to be in a such a situation. Ah, happy thought! I'd go window shopping. That would be more fun anway, because I could choose whatever I liked regardless of price tags.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.11, no.4
( 2017-05-09) Shilling, Ida ; Stephenson, Anafred ; Bruechert, Margaret ; McDonough, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Lemon or Cream?… By Ida M. Shilling

His Majesty’s Room… By Anafred Stephenson

Betty Gets a New Dress… By Margaret Bruechert

What Shall I wear?…? By Margaret McDonough

Girls' 4-H Club
( 2017-05-09) Austin, Clara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Did you freshman girls who have been 4-H club members know that you could belong to a 4-H club on the Iowa State College campus? When you left your own local 4-H club I imagine some of the members said of you as they did of me, "Oh, she'll forget all about 4-H club work when she gets to college and is so busy with activities there."