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Feeding dairy cows Bulletin P: Volume 4, Issue 89

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Feeding dairy cows
( 1948-05-01) Johnston, Floyd ; Porter, Arthur ; Jackson, Lyle ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Dairy cows furnish a market for the feed produced on the farm and aid in utilizing labor to good advantage. The dairy enterprise must be fitted into the entire farming operation for the best results. On many Iowa farms it is possible to grow the entire dairy ration. Good pasture grass, silage, alfalfa hay, corn, oats and soybeans when fed in sufficient quantities and proper combinations will provide all the nutrients that are necessary. A substantial profit above market value may be realized by Using these feeds in the rations for good-producing dairy cows.

Production records on each individual cow will show the difference in cows and the way they respond to different feeding practices. Those records can be used as guides to better feeding methods. But no one can be sure o f a cow ’s producing ability until she has had an opportunity to show it with good feeding and care. The milk scales and the Babcock test will put the blame for low production upon the feeder as well as upon the cow.