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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 2, Issue 8

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Parity Loops the Loop
( 1948-02-01) Shepherd, Geoffrey ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

No, this chart isn't the vapor trail of a wild V-2 rocket. It isn't modern art-or even superman! It is, instead, the path of farm purchasing power since 1910.

Better Forages Are Here
( 1948-02-01) Hughes, H. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Iowa farmers now have new and better varieties of forage crops. Here are the new varieties. They will bring greater production, better adaption and disease resistance.

Farm Outlook
( 1948-02-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

When we decided how much of World War II to fight with taxes and how much to fight with credit inflation, we set a pattern of economic affairs for several years to follow. We set the stage for a sequence of events in the U.S. economy during the war and postwar period. This group of events divides itself into five separate periods. We are now in the third-the first postwar boom.

Save That Soil
( 1948-02-01) Browning, G. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

How much "good farming" did we lose during the heavy rains last May and June? That question will probably never be answered-accurately. We can guess at the tons of soil lost. But total loss will have to be measured in years. Fertility washed away with the rain last spring will affect yields for many years.

Homemade or Ready-Mix - Which?
( 1948-02-01) Nelson, B. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Grocery buying is serious business today. It's not only a question of how much each sack of groceries cost, but of how much food value goes home for the money spent. High food costs force most families to purchase only what's needed and no more.