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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 14, Issue 9

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What About Continuous Corn?
( 1960-03-01) Shrader, W. ; Moldenhauer, W. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Interest in continuous corn in Iowa has been g rowing for several years. And increasing numbers of farmers have been trying it out on their own. Here's a report on the results of our Iowa tests with continuous corn.

Increase Industrial Uses of Farm Products?
( 1960-03-01) Arnold, Lionel ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

A chemical engineer at Iowa State looks at the possibilities and problems of increasing industrial use of farm products. While effects might not be immediate, he says, such use could be effective over time.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 14, No. 9
( 1960-03-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
Changing Paths to Farm Ownership
( 1960-03-01) Strohbehn, Roger ; Timmons, John ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The idea of an "agricultural ladder" was put forth 40 years ago. But, like the pattern of farm ownership itself and the ways in which owners get their farms, the pathways to farm ownership have changed over time.

Virus + Aphids + Oats = Yellow Dwarf of Oats
( 1960-03-01) Browning, J. ; Peters, D. ; Frey, K. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

"Yellow dwarf" turned one of Iowa's best oat crops in history for most of the state into one of the worst oat crops in parts of northwestern and southern Iowa. Is it likely to happen again? Here's the story.