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Consumer preferences for pork, Des Moines, Iowa Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station Research Bulletin: Volume 33, Issue 477

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Consumer preferences for pork, Des Moines, Iowa
( 2017-06-16) Gaarder, Raymond ; Strand, Norman ; Maki, Wilbur ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The declining demand for pork is of concern to the residents of Iowa and the other states where pork production is important. To determine consumer preferences and attitudes regarding pork and to obtain information on factors affecting consumption of pork and other meats, a probability sample of households in Des Moines, Iowa was selected for interview. An interview was obtained during June 1955 from the person in each of 499 households who generally bought the meat for the family.

Income and family size were the principal determinants of pork consumption patterns among the survey households. For a given income, total pork consumption increased sharply as the size of family increased. As income increased for a given size of household, however, pork consumption gradually declined. No differences related to occupation were detected.