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The Iowa Homemaker vol.12, no.1 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 12, Issue 1

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When It Rains
( 2017-05-10) Kildee, Regina ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"April showers bring May flowers," and this year they will bring forth, also, raincoats as brightly colored and of as many varieties as the blossoms themselves.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.12, no.1
( 2017-05-10) Soth, Kathryn ; Plagge, Alma ; Prouty, Gretchen ; McMullen, Ella ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Dainty, Dramatic, or In-Between… By Kathryn Soth

Eating Our Curds and Whey… By Alma H. Plagge

WOI Turns Story Teller… By Gretchen Prouty

It’s Veishea Time Again… By Ella Gertrude McMullen

Milady Buys A Bonnet...
( 2017-05-10) Kuster, Elizabeth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Out of all materials from which I might draw,

This year, my Easter Bonnet will surely be of straw."

Vitamins Are on a Budget...
( 2017-05-10) Rock, Pearl ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"How will you provide sufficient food for sound nutrition at a lower cost?" is the challenge the American housewife has hurled at her today. "What shall we eat?" she asks as she studies prices, menus and literature for low cost foods.

Eating Our Curds and Whey...
( 2017-05-10) Plagge, Alma ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Homemakers for a number of years have realized the value of cottage cheese as a source of good quality protein and valuable mineral salts. The demand for it has been gradually increasing until it has tripled in quantity in the last ten years. It is an economical source of valuable food constituents and for that reason its use at the present time is of primary interest to every homemaker. Ease of preparation in the home and the fact that good cottage cheese may be purchased from most grocers make its use practicable.