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Capons in Iowa Bulletin P: Volume 1, Issue 16

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Capons in Iowa
( 1940-09-01) Phillips, R. ; Oderkirk, A. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Interest in capon production is rapidly increasing in Iowa, the top-ranking state in poultry and egg production. Chickens are found on more than 93 percent of all farms in the state, and in 1939, there were more than 43 million chickens produced on Iowa farms. Due to this widespread production, a large number of broilers, fryers and roasters are marketed annually from the state. This abundant seasonal supply, marketed during a relatively short period, is one of the causes of the seasonal decline in prices of young chickens. Therefore, instead of marketing all of the young cockerels when prices are low it would be advantageous to caponize some of these birds for later sale or for home consumption. This would help maintain higher price levels for broilers and would extend the poultry income to a period when few sales are normally made.

This bulletin will present information concerning the various phases of capon production and marketing.