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Sketch: Volume 16, Issue 3

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A Matter of Freedom
( 1950) Sidey, Edwin ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

THE CAR swung up the sodden driveway and squealed -**- to a stop beside the fraternity house, rocking down hard on its front wheels...

The Miller
( 1950) English, Tom ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

THE varnished fly-rod hissed through the air as Vern sent his first cast of the morning rolling out across the pool, dropping a large white fly near the fringe of bushes overhanging the far shore. Vern always fished a white pattern when he was after the Miller...

( 1950) Dunlevy, Janet ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

THE old man's breathing was slower now. Martha's head was aching from the smell in the room. She turned to face his bed, and gasped to herself. That smell, she thought, if only I could blot out that smell. She felt it seeping into her clothes and into her skin...

Of All the Cities
( 1950) Madson, John ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

OF ALL the cities, there is none like London. The streets are wet brick, and there are little fog-bound squares and alleys. There are hidden chimes that strike out through the dark and rain, and everything is secret...

The Snake
( 1950) Carroll, Richard ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

LUNCH hour at St. Benedict's lasted from twelve until one. At twelve the pupils stood and chanted a Hail Mary, an Our Father, and Grace for the noon meal which most of them went home for though some stayed at the school with packed lunches and bought milk and soup and candy in a small room across from Sister Superior's office...