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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 54, Issue 1

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Iowa State Journal of Research 54.1
( 1979-08-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Thoburn, W.C. Tension in the interface between two liquids, 1

Thoburn, W.C. Tension in the interface between a liquid and solid. 9

Sivakuma, M.V.K. and R.H. Shaw. Stomatal conductance and leaf-water potential of soybeans under moisture stress. 17

Wheeler, A.G. A comparison of the plant-bug fauna of the Ithaca, New York area in 1910-1919 withthat in 1978. 29

George, J.R. and W.E. Knoop. A strip-tillage interseeder for simulate pasture renovation in small experimental plots. 37

Jay, F.B. and R.J. Munch. Toxicity to channel catfish of wastewater from an Iowa coal beneficiation plant. 45

Klaiber, F.W. and K.H. Ponder. Summary of energy survey of Iowa industry. 51

Hadwiger, .F. and M. Miller. Regulation of pesticides by the State of Iowa. 65

Barkman, L.L. and H.A James. A population study of mongenetic trematodes from the killifish, Fundulus heteoclitus (linnaeus) in Connecticut. 77

Boles, D.E. The impact of corporate agricultural land ownership on rural and local government: some preliminary observations. 83

Author-title list of theses and dissertations, Iowa State University (Summer, 1978-Spring, 1979. 117