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The Iowa Homemaker vol.18, no.6 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 18, Issue 6

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Centerpiece Styles
( 2017-05-24) Fifield, Nancy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Have you ever thought of using book ends, a glass celery dish, mustard and chilli pots, or a German Band to decorate a table? Table decorations can be fascinating if one does not wait until the very last minute to think of some new and clever ideas.

You and I and Radio
( 2017-05-24) Williams, Berniece ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Inez S. Wilson, home economist of the National Livestock and Meat Board, leaned back in her office chair, with a characteristic twinkle in her eye, and introduced her two right hand men: Miss Florence Plondke, who, among other things, arranges certain WOI talks; and Miss Mildred Bast whose pleasant voice is heard each Wednesday rooming over NBC.

From Cellulose to Satin
( 2017-05-24) Wells, Audrey ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

What is it that is used for the filmiest, gossamer veil on a hat on Fifth Avenue and for the strongest, toughest water-resistant fisherman's nets in New England, with over 450 uses in between? It's rayon, and it still has a great field, with many possibilities.

Your Fortune in Fashion
( 2017-05-24) Thayer, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

So! You want a fashion career. You think there are fortunes in fashion. You like the idea of working with clothes, of trips to Europe. Ummm. But look. Let's stop jangling our bangles and get down to cases. Let's see what potential jobs there are for women today in the fashion world-jobs, specifically, that call on your ability to write. And let's see if you and you and you will fit into the world.

A College Girl's Creed
( 2017-05-24) Jensen, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

With the New Year comes thoughts of new leaves in our book of life. Desiring to start a new year with a clean slate, we make New Year's resolutions. Here is a new creed of living for 1939 to substitute for the long list of resolutions often tucked away and forgotten.