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Farm Science Reporter: Volume 6, Issue 3

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Farm Science Reporter Vol. 6 No. 3
( 1945-07-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
Using Sod On Highways
( 1945-07-01) Carey, Seldon ; Heath, Maurice ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

We build curbs and gutters for our city streets and use eaves troughs and spouting on our houses to dispose of runoff water. But what about the road ditches on our highways?

Sizing Up DDT
( 1945-07-01) Tauber, Oscar ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

A lot of people have now heard about “DDT.” Part of this hearsay is true; part isn’t; much is misleading. Perhaps we can satisfy some curiosity and correct some erroneous impressions about this much publicized material. Is it really proving to be as good for killing insects as its first reports indicated? We’ll see.

Better Alfalfa Coming
( 1945-07-01) Wilsie, C. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Why do we need new varieties of alfalfa? Thousands of farmers in Iowa can give us the answer. We need new varieties because we’re having too much difficulty in maintaining vigorous, productive stands of the old varieties.

Let's Examine Crop Rotations
( 1945-07-01) Pierre, W. ; Browning, G. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

We have been so involved in producing the crops the government has asked for to help win the war that we are in danger of losing sight of the need of growing good rotations for maintaining fertility and producing high yields per acre.