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The chicken mite. Bulletin: Volume 6, Issue 69

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The chicken mite.
( 2017-07-27) Repp, John ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

According to tho twelfth census, Iowa led the states of the union in the number of chickens three months old and over, having June 1, 1900, 18,907,673. The value of poultry raised in 1899 was $9,491,818.00 and the value of eggs produced during that time $10,016,707.00. Allowing for the necessary incorrectness of such statistics it is still certain that we have in this state a vast poultry industry whose interests are deserving of our closest attention.

The mite attacks other species of domestic fowls besides the chicken, also at times becomes a serious pest to horses stabled with fowls or near them and even becomes parasitic upon man. This bulletin, however, deals only with the mite as it affects chickens, but the principles which it sets forth can be applied equally well in all conditions under which the mite exists.