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The Iowa Homemaker vol.30, no.8 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 30, Issue 8

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Godey's Lady's Book
( 2017-08-09) Binder, Patricia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Grandmother's kitchen was toasty warm and fragrant with the odor of baking cookies. I sat with my legs curled about her hand-carved stool and listened to her talk as she worked. Grandmother was a startling person -for all of her 75 year she was as up-to-date on all phases of homemaking as the most ambitious home economics graduate.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.30, no.8
( 2017-08-09) LaRue, Harriet ; Ferguson, Fred ; Kerekes, Frank ; Hauser, Eloise ; Ekdahl, Anne ; Baird, Alane ; Short, Barbara ; Binder, Patricia ; Legg, Carol ; Voss, Nancy ; Novak, Jane ; Cook, Doris ; Butler, Nancy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Seniors Say, Harriet LaRue, page 3

Congratulations from the 1921 Staff, page 4

1921-1951, Mrs. Fred Ferguson, Mrs. Frank Kerekes, Mrs. Eloise Hauser, page 5

College Decision, Anne Ekdahl, page 6

Words From a Waiter, Alane Baird, page 7

9 Previews of Home Economics, Barbara Short, page 8

Godey’s Lady’s Book, Patricia Binder, page 11

Here’s An Idea, Carol Dee Legg, page 14

What’s New, Nancy Voss, page 16

Alums in the News, Jane Novak, page 18

Information, Please, Doris Cook, page 20

Trends, Nancy Butler, page 24

Words From a Waiter
( 2017-08-09) Baird, Alane ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Hi! I'm Willy, the waiter. I see you every day but you don't know who I am. To most of my friends I'm a regular college man, but to you girls I'm only the waiter. Waiting presents a problem at times and I'd like to tell you about it. Here's how you look to me.

College Decision
( 2017-08-09) Ekdahl, Anne ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The decision to go to college sends you scurrying to discover what college offers the particular course of study you're interested in. You seldom look into other phases of study in the school, but it would be wise to do so. You have elective hours in addition to those required subjects which will give your college career a piquancy and variety of flavors to make it more interesting.

Seniors Say...
( 2017-08-09) LaRue, Harriet ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

How many times have you said, "Oh, if I could just do it over again."? Quite a few, we'd be willing to bet.