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Ames Forester: Volume 25, Issue 1

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The Big Hunt
( 1937) Larsen, J.A. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

THE gang got up early one Sunday morning to go on a secret hunting trip; they wanted to bring back a bacon or a bear for breakfast. Everyone felt fooLischer about this than a timber cruiser without tin pants. Bergemeyer said, "Let us Rise up at three o'clock, Stiehl some ham and eggs before the K. P. gets out of bed." But no grub was to be found. Bebensee knew they had been Hunting on on the evening before so he asked, "Pills, bury it." Engelking said "He Kindig for it under the Cook tent. " So he found it. The crowd was getting impatient to be off and Miller yelled, "Great Scott! What are we Mullen around here for? Let's get on the trail of that bear by daylight." He told Jamison to Hurd all the boys Straight up the canyon through the saddle. There these Dennisons of the Wood met an old miner with saddle horse and pack mule. He said he was Proctor on a dude ranch. The boys asked him about his mine. He said it was a regular Goldberg; its name was Mae West. Scholtes said, "Don't you see your horse is lame? You cannot go down the canyon-you'll break your neck." Then the miner got Reilly mad and yelled: "The Maris 0. K. and the Mulacs nothing and you can go to Helscher,'' Stoeckeler mumbled that this was all Babel and hot Ayres but they let him go. Before Long Higby let out an awful groan and Dykstra asked, "What's Myers?" "Goodner me," he sighed, "I am so hungry I could eat two polescats." Cox cheerfully replied, "Never mind." We Wilson be at the Artisian well where we shall have breakfast." They stopped at the spring and ate.

Ames Forester Vol. 25
( 1937) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Published Annually by the Ames Forestry Club.

Clarifying the Policy of the C. C. C.
( 1937) Morrell, Fred ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

SO MUCH has appeared in the public press and elsewhere l:J regarding the CCC that it has seemed to me that an article describing its activities or discussing statistically its accomplishments or future prospects would have little value to the readers of this publication. It may be of more interest if I call attention to some questions which I think those who may have some part in or contact with the project might do well to consider.

Big Game Range Management
( 1937) Julander, Odell ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

RANGE management has been generally considered in the past as the administration of domestic livestock grazing land. Only in recent years have big game species come definitely into the range management picture. On some areas they are now the main consideration in the plan of proper range management. Proper management of livestock range has to do essentially with maintaining a proper balance between forage and livestock so that the range will be kept at its maximum permanent production. This is also true of big game range management.

Forestry as an Element in Flood Control
( 1937) Barton, James ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

FLOOD control has been a problem of critical nature in the Mississippi Valley since settlement first began. De Soto's men saw the river in flood in 1543 when the areas east of the plains were covered with virgin forests. Great and small floods have inundated the bottomlands at frequent intervals since that time, and all were attended by losses to the country.