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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 40, Issue 2

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Memo to Suitcase Stuffers
( 2017-08-16) Muckenhirn, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

You regretfully hang that bouffant formal in the closet in favor of a more versatile dress and decide that you just can't eliminate another thing from your travel wardrobe. You're fairly certain that you haven't exceeded the weight limit set by most airlines, but now there's the problem of getting the clothes into one or two suitcases and having them come out wearable.

Two Ways to See Europe
( 2017-08-16) Post, Doris ; Anderson, Patty ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Take a Tour

This June, Gladys Hamlin, associate professor of applied art, will make her seventh trip to Europe. She will guide a group of tourists through Austria, Germany, France, England and the Scandinavian lands, pointing out the history of their arts. She has made arrangements to have residents of specific areas act as tour conductors.

Travel Independently

In planning a European trip, the first thing to consider is whether to travel with a tour or independently. Though there are advantages to both independent and tour travel, I have decided to travel independently -through Europe this summer for two reasons.

Iowa State, Husband-Hunting Grounds
( 2017-08-16) Noid, Sylvia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Colleges and universities serve many purposes, and students have just as many reasons for attending them. But how many coeds would say they came to college to find a husband?

Coffee House on the Left Bank
( 2017-08-16) Lambeth, Beth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A dark cellar, bongo drums, gotesque shadows cast from small table candles upon an unfinished wall, and t he tingling smell of exciting coffee brews - this is the popular Beatnik espresso house.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.40, no.2
( 2017-08-16) Houser, Diane ; Noid, Sylvia ; Post, Doris ; Anderson, Patty ; Lambeth, Beth ; Scholten, Myra ; Muckenhirn, Mary ; Shellenbarger, Carol ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

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