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Ames Forester: Volume 18, Issue 1

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The High School Student and the Profession of Forestry
( 1930) MacDonald, G. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

One of the biggest problems confronting the high school student is the selection of the profession or business in which he will fit best for his life work. This involves not only the consideration of his own personality, characteristics and inclinations, but also the question of opportunities which are, and will be, afforded in the various lines of work. Many high schools, especially in the larger cities, give some attention to vocational guidance which has for its purpose the assistance of students in the selection of their life's work.

( 1930) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Research for the Forester
( 1930) Larsen, J. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In these times we cannot live one complete day without coming in contact with research in some form or other. In the brief space of twenty years the spirit of investigation has grown from a hobby to an obsession. We inquire into everything from pickles to palaces. With some it is a fad, but with most it is a serious business. The urge to discover new facts, establish new laws and compound new formulae actuates every profession and the foresters not the least.

Vagabonding Around the World
( 1930) McGlade, Jim ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The urge was upon me, and there was no use in attempting to curb it longer. For six weeks I had been on the verge of realizing a desperate resolution that had been forming in my mind for the past five or six years-to go around the world, even if everything else had to be sacrificed. Giving nothing an opportunity to divert my plans, I quickly assembled my few hundred dollars, obtained the all-important passport, and secured a ridiculously cheap passage for the Orient. After caring for these details, the remainder of the journey promised to be easy.

( 1930) Iowa State University Digital Repository