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The Iowa Homemaker vol.26, no.1 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 26, Issue 1

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Wardrobe Revivers for Spring
( 2017-07-24) Welch, June ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Delve deep into a magician's hat and out pops a rabbit. Here are a few tricks, less spectacular, but fun to try.

Roberts Hall Honors A Career of Service
( 2017-07-24) Benda, Natalie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Roberts Hall was the first building at Iowa State to be named for a living person. The honor of having the women's residence hall named for her during her lifetime came Miss Maria M. Roberts, professor of mathematics and later dean of the junior college, when Roberts Hall was built in 1936.

She Cooks for the Clouds
( 2017-07-24) Cody, Marlyn ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Miss Lylas Kay, head dietitian for United Air Lines, plans sky meals, says Marlyn Cody

Modern Education Features Audio-Visual Aids
( 2017-07-24) Baker, Nancy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Nancy Baker predicts important use for educational movies in classrooms of the future

Pass the Rolls
( 2017-07-24) Hakes, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Hot rolls should be awarded top honors in popularity among residence hall women if the small amount wasted is the judging standard. Miss Elsie Ann Guthrie, director of food service in the women's residence halls at Iowa State, says that pecan, orange and other sweet rolls are passed around for second and third servings.