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Notes on some of the newer vegetables Bulletin: Volume 32, Issue 363

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Notes on some of the newer vegetables
( 2017-08-24) Erwin, A. ; Haber, E. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

In presenting the following report on some of the newer vegetables recently tested at the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station, no attempt is made to embrace all the new varieties or possible synonyms offered in the American seed trade. In cases where the results were so distinctly negative as to indicate that the variety was unsuited to the soil and climatic condition of central Iowa, it was omitted from the list.

The fact that a variety may be of special value for one purpose, but possibly inferior for another, should be borne in mind. The Ohio Canner beet is admirably adapted for the canners’ needs, but not particularly suited for the market gardener. The same may be said of other crops, such as sweet corn and tomatoes.