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Charles Henry Stange
( 1939) Iowa State University Digital Repository

In the death of Charles Henry Stange, on April 26, 1936, veterinary medicine lost one of its most prominent educators and scientists. He was an attentive and interested observer of veterinary educational systems, and through the application of this knowledge he became recognized as a leader in the field of veterinary medical education.

Some Unsolved Problems Concerning Bovine Tuberculosis
( 1939) Karlson, Alfred ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Attempts to control any infectious disease are aimed at eliminating either the source of infection or the means of its transmission, or at altering the susceptibility of the host to the disease. Since in the treatment of bovine tuberculosis it has not been found practicable to alter the susceptibility of the animal by immunization, or to prevent transmission of the disease by isolating infected cattle, the disease has been attacked by removing the source of the infection. This consists of applying the tuberculin test and destroying all cattle that exhibit hypersensitivity to tuberculin.

Veterinary Medicine in a Zoological Park
( 1939) Schroeder, C. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The conception of the plan of keeping collections of mammals, birds and reptiles for exhibit is prehistoric, but the method of exhibiting animals in a park today has changed in degree as much as the mode of transportation from bullock cart to modern car.

Comparative Tuberculosis
( 1939) Stubbs, E. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Efforts directed against bovine tuberculosis have resulted in a reduction of specimens submitted for examination for tuberculosis. The infrequency of such specimens has made it harder to demonstrate to students fresh specimens of tuberculosis. Fresh specimens are always more interesting than preserved specimens, and it is desirable to have as many fresh specimens as possible.

Therapeutic Trends
( 1939) Bergman, H. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Problems of therapeutics in veterinary medicine are much more complex than those of human medicine. The veterinarian deals with various species of animals, each with its peculiar diseases and varied reactions to standard drugs. Plans of medication are often difficult problems, especially where a considerable number or where large or refractory animals are involved. Yet, veterinary therapeutics has made tremendous progress within very recent years both as to methods and products, the latter differing but very little from those of general application in human medicine.