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Ames Forester: Volume 66, Issue 2

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Methods of Western Larch Regeneration Champion Timberlands Rocky Mountain Operation
( 1979) Beebe, Tim ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Western larch (Larix occidentalis) plays an important role on Champion's western Montana timberlands, providing large volumes of sawlogs and veneer to the largest plywood plant in the northwest (located in Bonner, Montana). In addition, western larch fits uniquely into Champion's policy of converting oldgrowth, stagnant stands of timber into young and vigorous stands, thus insuring a permanent productive source of goods and benefits.

Summer Jobs A Rare Specie
( 1979) Houseman, Susan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

My choice of summer job was based on wanting to remain in Ames. It is a bit ironic that I worked in 25 states instead!

The Forester
( 1979) Bush, Munroe ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A forester stands at a gate between two worlds. Pass through this gate in one direction and you come into the intricate world of human technology; pass through the opposite way and you enter the perfection of God's natural world.

Theodore Roosevelt, the conservationist
( 1979) Pammel, L.H. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Some years ago, during the first administration of President Roosevelt, I had the pleasure of a short stay in Washington. I was the guest of James Wilson, who was then Secretary of Agriculture.

Co-oping With The Corps
( 1979) Becker, David ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

When I received a phone call last May 5th informing me that I had been selected for a Co-op position with the Rock Island District Corps of Engineers I had mixed emotions. Don't get me wrong though! I hadn't found a summer job yet or satisfied my Ag. 104 requirement, so I was happy. But the thing is ... I had never really thought of myself as working for the Corps of Engineers.