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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 32, Issue 1

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The Iowa Homemaker vol.32, no.1
( 2017-08-10) Odegard, Mary ; Frantz, Ruth ; Wilcox, Virginia ; Coon, Robin ; Bain, Kathryn ; Holt, Marcia ; Hearst, Salli ; Toulouse, Evelyn ; Will, Dorothy ; Brown, Susan ; Doherty, Mary ; Stiff, Patricia ; Anderson, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

See Europe on Your Own Two Wheels, Mary Odegard, page 5

Let’s Face It, Ruth Frantz, page 6

Textile Originals from a Barn, Virginia Wilcox, page 7

Rats Diet Too, Robin Coon, page 8

In Africa, Kathryn Bain, page 9

Betsy Harris of the Hot Shoppes, Marcia Holt, page 10

Your Hair’s in the Headlines, Salli Hearst, page 11

What’s New, Evelyn Toulouse and Dorothy Will, page 12

Information Please, Susan Brown and Mary Doherty, page 15

Double Dip Bargain, Patricia Stiff, page 16

Trends, Ruth Anderson, page 18

Your Hair's in the Headlines
( 2017-08-10) Hearst, Salli ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Vogue says, "The chignon is chic." Mademoiselle advocates, "Trim it to a poodle cut." Glamour advises, "Gather it up into a ponytail." But the Homemaker says, "Fit your personality and it will fit you." In other words your hair is in the headlines this year. But before you get lost in the mass production of poodle cuts and ponytails, take a brief analysis of your personality.

See Europe on Your Own Two Wheels
( 2017-08-10) Odegard, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Most of us find it hard to pack the clothes we want for a two-week trip into several suitcases- Jerry Ann Tillotson, a junior in the division of science from Des Moines, spent three months touring Europe with her complete wardrobe packed in saddle bags on her bicycle.

( 2017-08-10) Anderson, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Spring is all wrapped up in synthetics. Why? Because synthetic fibers can be produced under better control and to more precise specifications than natural fibers. Because textile creators can fit the fiber to the use with greater efficiency with synthetics.

Rats Diet Too
( 2017-08-10) Coon, Robin ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The scramble of furry white animals, one thousand glittering pink eyes peering from behind wire enclosures and stacks of metal cages- to many this would seem the description of a nightmare, not that of a room in the home economics building- but so it is. Anyone stumbling into this room has discovered the home of Iowa State's own "Mighty Mouse," who, with his four hundred and ninety-nine relatives, is helping the foods and nutrition research department to demonstrate the relation of diet to nutrition.