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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 17, Issue 11

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Iowa Farm Science Vol. 17, No. 11
( 1963-05-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
What's the Basic Farm-Income Problem?
( 1963-05-01) Shepherd, Geoffrey ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Both price-support and production-control programs have been used. But the basic long-run farm problem isn't only a price problem, a production-control problem or a size-of-stocks problem. It involves people, too.

How To Care for Smooth-Surface Floors
( 1963-05-01) Beveridge, Elizabeth ; Pond, Julia ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Care of smooth-surface floors may never be as easy as they show it in the TV commercials. But some women work harder at keeping up their floors than they need to. Here are some "rules of thumb" for easier floor care.

New Law Permits A "Fringe Benefit" for Farmers
( 1963-05-01) Harl, Neil ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

A new law makees a retirement plan "fringe benefit" available to farmers and other self-employed persons. But it calls for careful thinking and advance planning even though final IRS tax regulations haven't yet been announced.

A Situation Report - Stalls for Dairy Calves
( 1963-05-01) Van Horn, Harold ; Meyer, V. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of diseases among young calves is to raise them separately until after weaning. Some Iowa dairymen have cut calf losses greatly by using simple but well-planned individual stalls.