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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 19, Issue 3

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Castration of a (Gelding?)
( 1957) Larson, Rog ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A three year old riding horse was entered into the Stange Memorial Clinic an March 28, 1957. The owner had purchased the horse as a gelding, but found him to be rather high spirited and difficult to handle at times. Upon examination, no distinguishable structures were palpable in the scrotum. All feed was withheld and exploratory surgery for a cryptorchid testicle was planned far the following day.

Hyperplastic Prostate Gland in Perineal Hernia of Dog
( 1957) Waller, Roger ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On April 1, 1957, a 7-year old male shepherd dog was admitted to Stange Memorial Clinic with a history of a tumor in the perineal region.

Skin Grafting in the Dog
( 1957) Jensen, Elroy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

There are several histological factors which have made skin grafting possible in man and animals. First, the comparative ease which epithelium can regenerate is a factor. This new growth of tissue occurs either from the periphery of a wound or it may result from proliferation of the external root sheath of the hair follicles providing the dermis has not been completely destroyed. Another feature of skin is that its constituent cells may be kept alive for several days by means of the tissue fluid from below the graft by the process of osmosis. This affords sufficient time for new vessels to be formed which will then nourish the skin. Also, the ability of the capillaries to proliferate and then anastomose with those of the graft make this feat possible. It is only because of these physiological processes that this type of surgery is successful.

Fracture of the Distal End of the Femur
( 1957) Birchmier, Lawrence ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On April 2, 1957, a 5 1/2 month old Border Collie was admitted to Stange Memorial Clinic with a history of a broken leg. The patient was observed to walk normally on the left rear leg but avoided placing weight upon 'the right rear leg. With physical examination and x-ray, the fracture was located at the epiphysis at the distal end of the right femur.

Veterinary Medicine in Turkey
( 1957) Ozguden, Turgut ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

There is only one veterinary college in Turkey. This is not enough, of course, for a country which has a high animal population. The Turkish government is planning to establish two more veterinary colleges in two of the big cities.