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Experiments on the control of European Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis L.) Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station Research Bulletin: Volume 23, Issue 259

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Experiments on the control of European Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis L.)
( 2017-06-02) Bakke, A. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

European bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis L.) is found in every county in Iowa. It is more prevalent in the western and northwestern parts of the state where 100-acre tracts are common. Many farms have become heavily infested during the last 10 years. European bindweed reduces crop yields, increases the cost of production, threatens land which is free of weeds and finally reduces all land values in its vicinity. It is a serious pest not only in Iowa but also in South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Idaho, Washington, Utah and California. It occurs in northeastern North America and sparingly in southeastern United States.

Although considerable work has been done on the control of European bindweed, the methods are still indefinite and conflicting. The purpose of this publication is to show the effectiveness of a number of chemicals and different cultural practices in its control and extermination.