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The Iowa Homemaker vol.10, no.4 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 10, Issue 4

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"Chicago-Hog Butcher"
( 2017-05-09) Morrison Beyer, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Mary Morrison Beyer, Ind. Sci. Sr., this summer entered the Student Industrial experiment, which is carried on each summer by the national Y. W. C. A., to obtain first hand information on living conditions of factory girls. The Y. W. C. A., with the cooperation of the sociology departments of the various colleges, chooses the girls, who enter Chicago, hunt their own jobs and their own rooms, and live on the pooled wages of the group. Neither the employer nor the girl's fellow workers know that she is different from the rest.

Let's Talk Collegiate Styles
( 2017-05-09) Martin, Jerry ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Back again in Ames, and have already had one Big Adventure. What do you know~ I've just been let in on the inside "dope" on what the well·dressed co-ed is going to wear this year! It is all from a fashion expert with whom I travelled on the bus, so I know it's most terribly authentic, and that you will just gobble it up, you fashion- slave.

Help Fight Goiter With Seaweed
( 2017-05-09) Field, Sarah ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Citizens of the goiterous belt of the United States are starving for iodine. Today in Iowa, goiter is getting no better fast. One can find in almost any group of school children several, especially girls, whose necks are swollen.

Is Your Room an Adventure?
( 2017-05-09) McDonough, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

What fun it is to open the door some evening after study hours begin and find this little invitation rolled up in a peanut shell and hanging on your door knob I Even more fun than that is standing in your doorway dressed in your best pair of P. J.'s ready to show off your room. And wouldn't you be pleased to hear some one of your guests exclaim, "Why, I like this so much better than the way Mary and Peg had it arranged last year!"

Manicure That Precious Antique
( 2017-05-09) Workman, Nora ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Whatever became of that lovely old chest of drawers and that beautiful old walnut daybed we used to have out in t ho back yard at home? They must have been split up into kindling!"