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The Iowa Homemaker vol.10, no.3 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 10, Issue 3

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"P's" and "Q's" in China Selection
( 2017-05-08) Shilling, Ida ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

While away from Ames this summer on my vacation, a letter from a former student was forwarded to me. The writer of the letter is a graduate of Iowa State, who has been teaching for several years. She is now thinking of marriage and is much interested in the choice of dishes for her new home. Since she wanted a dinner set, I was asked to advise her as to the best china to buy. She wished a china that was beautiful in design and color, and at the same time a china that was durable. She furthermore wanted something that she would not get tired of, of which broken pieces could he readily replaced, and also china that would be worthy of handing down to future generations. This letter is one of many that come to us at Iowa State College. However, all girls planning to be married soon, cannot spend the money for dishes that the girl whose letter I spoke of, says she can.

And Rush That Order, Please!
( 2017-05-08) Hammer, Bessie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Vacation days are here again. The mercury rises and work becomes drudgery for t he business man, the school teacher, the scientist. If he has the money and can spare the time he packs his golf clubs and bathing suit and follows the call of mountains, lakes or seashore, hoping to find rest and recreation for a few days, weeks m· months, as the case may be.

Luncheon - Mile High
( 2017-05-08) Ghrist Day, Mildred ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Luncheon six thousand feet in the air !-not on a mountain. but in an airplane. A group of seven women, home economics experts, Detroit club women and newspaper women, had the opportunity of enjoying this unusual experience recently when Miss Mary I. Barber was hostess for the Ford Motor Company. She was assisted by Mrs. Mildred Ghrist Day, a member of her department of home economics at the Kellogg Company in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Girls' 4-H Club
( 2017-05-08) Melton, Helen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A three-weeks' sight-seeing trip to Paris and other points of interest in Europe during June, 1931, will be awarded the 4-H style queen selected in a national 4-H club girls' style dress revue contest to be held during the ninth boys and girls club congress in Chicago, according to an announcement by the national committee on boys and girls work.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.10, no.3
( 2017-05-08) Melton, Helen ; Field, Sarah ; Hammer, Bessie ; Ghrist Day, Mildred ; Bourne, Julia ; Shilling, Ida ; Turner, Marcia ; Stephenson, Anafred ; Anderson, Dorothy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Iowa State “Mans” the Kitchen by Helen Melton, page 1

At Home in Nippon by Sarah Field, page 2

And Rush That Order, Please! by Bessie Hammer, page 3

Luncheon – Mile High by Mildred Ghrist Day, page 3

Gotta Job? by Julia Bourne, page 4

“P’s” and “Q’s” in China Selection by Ida M. Shilling, page 5

4-H Club by Helen Melton, page 6

State Association by Marcia E. Turner, page 8

Child Health May Day by Anafred Stephenson, page 10

Editorial, page 11

Alumnae News by Dorothy B. Anderson, page 12