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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 41, Issue 3

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Girls Give Learning No Summer Vacation
( 2017-08-28) Pierson, Barb ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Look again at that girl who sits next to you in class or passes you on campus. This summer she may have demonstrated a home appliance in Hawaii, judged a beauty contest in a small Midwestern community, or rescued 60 steaks from the bottom of a Maine lake.

Delegate Heeds Warning To "Bring Shopping Bags"
( 2017-08-28) Dodds, Jan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Dear Diary,

What a day! I met Lois Marra and Jan Waselkov in Chicago, and we boarded the 10:30 a.m. train for Cleveland. The train took such a long time to pull out of the station that we thought we'd have to push it. I noticed a girl in front of me get on with a hat box, coat, various packages, and a large suitcase. I knew she must be going to the American Home Economics Association Convention, too; so I introduced myself and found she was from Texas. When I thought of all the other girls I'd meet in Cleveland, the train couldn't go fast enough.

Home Economists Help Solve Nation-wide Crisis
( 2017-08-28) McKennan, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

President Kennedy's Executive Order# I, issued January 22, 1961, called for immediate expansion of the surplus food distribution program. More foods would be made available, and more people would be eligible to receive them.

Discover People as a Resource
( 2017-08-28) LeBaron, Helen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

People are the University's most valuable resource. We tend to think first of faculty members when we make such a statement, and that is as it should be. However, there are two other valuable resources in our College of Home Economics that are frequently overlooked - our eight thousand active Home Economics alumnae, many of whom have distinguished themselves in the profession and in community life; and our present student body, consisting of some 1,500 undergraduates, 60 graduate students, and 27 international students from thirteen different countries.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.41, no.3
( 2017-08-28) LeBaron, Helen ; Dodds, Jan ; LaFrenz, Melva ; Stenstrom, Deanne ; McKennan, Mary ; Muckenhirn, Mary ; Jansonius, LaVeda ; Pierson, Barb ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

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